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Friday, 28 January 2011

....Tassel-tastic! x

Howdy Gals! x

I am in LOVE with this rather racy fringed red leather jacket from Topshop... It's Michael Jackson meets Dolly Parton, a great combo in my opinion!
I must resist... I must resist... Must I?

....Femme Fatale Friday x

Happy Friday my pretties! x

The female species is more deadly than the male.... And nothing proves that more than this website I've found called 'Deadly is the female'. It's full of vintage gorgeousness perrrfect for sassy gals who love to make the most of their killer curves. I have a list growing by the minute so I can vamp myself up! Enjoy x

Check these knee high spats for just £10!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

... Key to my heart x

Hey pretties x
Key's are totally unlocking my heart at the moment. My sister & I have been trying to think of a tattoo design we could both get that we both love, we are quite different so it's not been easy but she has come up with an idea I love... a beautiful key in the style of Aubrey Beardsley. I love, love all of these pretty key thingys!

Beautiful Ring from House of Harlow
I want it!
Click me to buy x
My Tattoo inspiration... x
Ornate Key ring from Asos...x

Saturday, 15 January 2011

... My night with Lolita x

Ooh la la Lolita's!
Friday night: We all went for dinner for my little sisters and step mums birthday and I can honestly say I had the best tapas ever! It's a new place in town and it was awesome. The d├ęcor is so beautiful and it's cosy and would be so romantic (if there weren't 12 of you!). The traditional Spanish style of food and warm, warm welcome mixed with a quirky boutique feel is going to make this a regular for me. All around you the walls are adorned with frames and pictures of her family and portraits of the likes of Salvador Dali and Picasso set against pillar box red or peacock feather walls. The seats are sumptuous fabrics with cosy silk cushions... I want to move in! Lucia, the owner is great front of house and was obviously proud that her restaurant boasts all homemade food (pretty rare huh?). Only one teeny tiny thing let it down, they don't accept cards as payment so make sure you have the cash. Here is a few piccies taken from my phone, but trust me... you need to go there! x

95 Commercial Road
01202 291394

... Studded up x

My new tee I'm wore for my little sisters birthday. It was another bargain at £10 from Republic, I love it! The skull is encrusted with pearly studs and as you can see from the second pic it's cropped, a style I like as I think it's pretty flattering.
I also chucked in the hair extensions which I tend to only use when my hair is up (as mine just does not grow... darn you bleach) and gave myself a fishtail plait (excuse the thumb!). Mine isn't great as it was only my 3rd attempt and I was short of time. If you want to know how to do a fishtail plait like a pro follow the link below the picture to see how, it's really easy to follow and it's how I learnt this style x

Watch how to do this... click here! x

... Stiletto x

My beautiful new book for my collection....
Most women prefer to trip to hell in high heels than to walk flat heeled to heaven... x

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Home is where the heart is... x

Viva la Diva! x

Check out this super cute cushion. I'm thinking I should head straight back to get one (I was unsure if it was a hormonal purchase) but the more I look at it the more I want it! It's only £6 from Primark. Mistake? x

Bargain Basement Tee! x

Hello lovelies! x
Shopping with my sister today and found this.... IN THE CHILDREN'S SECTION! Amazing and quite Chanel-esque I'm thinking. The bottom has a frill and its cut in a half moon shape so really flattering spesh after Christmas when I have a turkey belly! The best bit... drum roll please... £6!! x

My Sac Magique!... Sneek a peek inside x

I'm always fascinated by what people have in there handbag's, so here's a look inside mine today. I usually have a far more random selection but it's a new bag I received for crimbo and it's quite small (compared to my usual sack size) so I have to be selective!

  1. The bag: Love a bit of Chanel x
  2. My dog and bone is the love of my life
  3. My vintage Cartier sunnies that my mum gave me as part of my Christmas pressie, I have had my eye on them for ages and finally she thinks I am ready to have them! They are heaven sent.
  4. My Pip Studio wallet from my shop, its so pretty and has loads of room inside... just wish I had loads of cash to fill it.
  5. The ciggies... I'm a smelly smoker. It's my only vice (honest) I was hypnotised to stop and did for 18mths but now back on and can only smoke menthol's (weird).
  6. Nougat hand and nail serum... One of my new years resolutions is to take more care of my hands. I received this as a freebie as I stock this range in my shops and it's a best seller. It is the dog's for dry hands as it's super intense but no too greasy. Love It.
  7. Perfume: This cute little Benefit Mini is perfect for my bag and to freshen up when I need to. The fragrance is 'Carmella' and it's sweet and vanillary and my fav. Thank you gorgeous boyfriend for the perfect stocking filler! x
  8. My trusty Benefit bronzing brush. The only brush still standing the test of time. Most of my brushes go really rough and scratchy... not this bad boy.
  9. NEW! And I love it! From the new range of cosmetics by Accessorize it's a fantastic bronzer, lasts for ages and the shape means it doesn't crack in to a million pieces!
  10. Primarni earrings. I love these as they look really vintage. I think they cost £2 which is ridiculous!
  11. Mini bottle of Sailor Jerry's? Great with coke and a splash of lime. Yum.
  12. Hair clips. Pretty ones from my shop.
  13. Aveda hand cream. Called 'Hand relief' (I know, I know) it is one of the best around and smells gorgeous. Thank you Sophie x
  14. Keys (including my gorge Juicy Couture keyring).
  15. Marilyn Monroe lighter. I just love her as all my friends know.
  16. Compact mirror, again from my lovely shop.
  17. Lip Gloss. This one is my current fav by Benefit. It came in a set of 4 which gives you 8 different glosses. I love this pretty pink and baby pink one.

What I wore today...x

Hey Lovelies x
I stepped out in my Christmas pressie from my best buddy Sophie today. I love love love this Tee you can wear it with anything. Looks like I'm in good company as Katie Waissel has one too!
Tee- £28 from Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eye eye Captain! My ever faithful eyeliners x

Hello lovelies

So the question I get asked the most is "how do you do your eyeliner like that?" and on a Saturday night I have to do all my girlfriends eyes before we hit the cocktail bars so here is my tips for the perfect feline flicks...

Get the right tools:
A good workman never blames his tools and neither should you... Get the right ones and you're half way there. Here are my best liquid eyeliners that I couldn't live without.

Rimmel Professional Liquid Eye Liner:
Cheap and cheerful, for me this is the best and I've tried them all! It has nothing to do with cost as I will pay pretty much whatever if I like it, but this little beauty really is a make-up bag must have. The brush is super fine so you can really get some great detail. It comes in a few colours but I always go for 'Black Glamour'. The best bit... it costs around £5!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eye Liner:
Ladies... This bad boy STAYS ON ALL DAY AND NIGHT! No joke this is a saviour for bad weather, colds, contact lens wearers the list goes on! I tried it on the back of my hand at the counter and carried on with my shopping. About 10 minutes later I tried to wipe it off and I couldn't! I tried rubbing it with my finger, used a wet tissue and still it wouldn't budge! It was then I knew I had to have it... I now use it for nights out to ensure my flicks stay in place all night long no matter how much dancing is done! It has a nib as opposed to a brush so I personally find it harder to apply but it does mean it's great for under eyeliner. It's a bit more pricey at £18 but so worth it!
The Science bit:
The best way to apply is to start with the line that you want on your lid first working outwards (1). Play around with thickness's (I prefer thinner for the day and thicker for more impact when going out). This gives you the best start to getting it even. Then you do the flick starting from the outside in (2). Decide where you want it to end, whether you want it high or straight . Draw the top line of the flick in first (3), then the bottom (4) and then fill it in (5)! Simples x

My first post! x

Hello lovelies... x

I will be posting up my recent finds, make up tips & cheats, fashiony things & all sorts of other useless info on a regular basis so you can check it out and hopefully enjoy!

See you soon!