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Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Sac Magique!... Sneek a peek inside x

I'm always fascinated by what people have in there handbag's, so here's a look inside mine today. I usually have a far more random selection but it's a new bag I received for crimbo and it's quite small (compared to my usual sack size) so I have to be selective!

  1. The bag: Love a bit of Chanel x
  2. My dog and bone is the love of my life
  3. My vintage Cartier sunnies that my mum gave me as part of my Christmas pressie, I have had my eye on them for ages and finally she thinks I am ready to have them! They are heaven sent.
  4. My Pip Studio wallet from my shop, its so pretty and has loads of room inside... just wish I had loads of cash to fill it.
  5. The ciggies... I'm a smelly smoker. It's my only vice (honest) I was hypnotised to stop and did for 18mths but now back on and can only smoke menthol's (weird).
  6. Nougat hand and nail serum... One of my new years resolutions is to take more care of my hands. I received this as a freebie as I stock this range in my shops and it's a best seller. It is the dog's for dry hands as it's super intense but no too greasy. Love It.
  7. Perfume: This cute little Benefit Mini is perfect for my bag and to freshen up when I need to. The fragrance is 'Carmella' and it's sweet and vanillary and my fav. Thank you gorgeous boyfriend for the perfect stocking filler! x
  8. My trusty Benefit bronzing brush. The only brush still standing the test of time. Most of my brushes go really rough and scratchy... not this bad boy.
  9. NEW! And I love it! From the new range of cosmetics by Accessorize it's a fantastic bronzer, lasts for ages and the shape means it doesn't crack in to a million pieces!
  10. Primarni earrings. I love these as they look really vintage. I think they cost £2 which is ridiculous!
  11. Mini bottle of Sailor Jerry's? Great with coke and a splash of lime. Yum.
  12. Hair clips. Pretty ones from my shop.
  13. Aveda hand cream. Called 'Hand relief' (I know, I know) it is one of the best around and smells gorgeous. Thank you Sophie x
  14. Keys (including my gorge Juicy Couture keyring).
  15. Marilyn Monroe lighter. I just love her as all my friends know.
  16. Compact mirror, again from my lovely shop.
  17. Lip Gloss. This one is my current fav by Benefit. It came in a set of 4 which gives you 8 different glosses. I love this pretty pink and baby pink one.

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